What “integrated antenna” means

With the term “integrated antenna” we mean an highly customized and optimized product that can be inserted into a proprietary electronic device (hosting device) or covert into a specific location to suit a particular application. The main features of an integrated antenna, that also distinguish its development process from a more conventional design, are the following ones:

▪ The electrical parameters cannot be assessed without placing the antenna into its operating condition, i.e. an integrated antenna cannot be conceived as a stand-alone element since all the hosting device affects radiation;

▪ Unconventional, compact schemes of radiating elements are used in design, since severe limitations and mechanical constraints occur in the hosting device;

▪ Some lossy elements are often present in the electronics or materials of the hosting device, therefore the project must include measures to minimize these effects on antenna efficiency.

In these last years some PCB mounted antennas, both conventional and SMD, appeared in the market with the intent to provide an universal plug-in component for RF integrated systems and wireless devices. The “plug & play” property of these products is often overestimated, since the declared electrical properties are measured by means of the manufacturer's evaluation board that in most cases differs substantially from the real PCB of the hosting device.

PCB size and shape, nearby electronic components and wirings, dielectric housing and metallic hardware are all factors that can detune the antenna and severely impair its capability to radiate and receive wireless signals. Here at ElettroMagnetic Services s.r.l. we do not supply you an off-the-shelf integrated antenna that can reveal unpredictable performance when fitted in your particular application.

Here at ElettroMagnetic Services s.r.l. we follow your product development and we can design a specifically designed integrated antenna, to achieve the optimal performance for your hosting device.

Development of an integrated antenna

According to our proven AntennaCustomizer method, we can carry out an integrated antenna development process in the form of a comprehensive service to the Customer.


We can submit to our Customer a free preliminary technical proposal with detailed explanations about the possible solutions we can accomplish to develop the right antenna for his integration needs.


We can collaborate with our Customer’s technical office to take into account also the “electromagnetic factor” of his design, i.e. components placement, materials choice, cables routing and other critical aspects to achieve maximum antenna performance.


We can develop the novel antenna directly in the Customer’s hosting device, carrying out both electromagnetic simulations and electrical measurements of the real antenna parameters, thanks to our internal laboratory and mechanical workshop.


We can supply to our Customer the complete characterization of the integrated antenna carrying out measurements in its definitive operating position, i.e. in the hosting device: a large number of measurements can be accomplished, according to Customer’s product specifications and applications.


We can carry out both prototyping and engineering of the novel integrated antenna, that can be directly manufactured by our Customer or supplied to him in quantities for production purposes.


We can support our Customer further on production, if some changes, upgrades or modifications are needed during all product’s life.

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