Antenna testing and measurements

Since its founding in 2001, both time and money have been constantly invested to enhance the measurement equipment in ElettroMagnetic Services own internal laboratory.

This has been accomplished with the twofold aim to pursue a more efficient development procedure and to give a complete specifications assessment of all our products.

Now the company’s laboratory includes an anechoic chamber with a fully automatic acquisition system that drives a rotary platform capable of a position accuracy down to 0.1 degrees. In this way it is easy to carry out precise radiation measurements also on antennas that are integrated into large housings or subsystems.

A set of measuring instruments (VNA and spectrum analyzer) is part of the whole system, so it is possible to acquire a complete characterization of antenna’s electrical parameters.

In the case of integrated antennas that are mated to a RF source, direct radiated power measurements are also possible to determine the real performance of the whole system.

Some of the most important measurements that can be accomplished are:
▪ Impedance and reflection measurements (VSWR, S11);
▪ Insertion loss and isolation measurements (S12,S21);
▪ Radiation pattern (and related parameters) measurements;
▪ Radiation measurements (EIRP, TRP).

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